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Magic Window Gap Reusable Cleaning Brush

Mint Green
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Effortlessly Clean Gaps and Crevices Like Never Before!

The Magic Window Gap Cleaning Brush gets in between those hard-to-reach grooves and gaps in your window sills. 

Cleaning window gaps can be a tricky situation...Often the gaps are too small to reach, yet they seem to collect the most dust and dirt!

That's why we created the Magic Window Gap Cleaning Brush! The unique design means you can say goodye to the struggles of the past.




✅ Easily Cleans Hard To Reach Spaces

Unlike a cloth, GrooveMagic can be easily used on the sideways window tracks, window blinds, panel edges, AC indoor unit blinds, window grooves, etc. It picks up every dust particle without the need to repeat it.

✅ Superb Cleaning Ability

The brush's head design and felt pad material offers outstanding cleaning power – with minimal effort!

✅ Convenient Handheld Holder

GrooveMagic is equipped with an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip. Making it a breeze to use and handle.

✅ Multi-use

A helpful tool for cleaning window sills, kitchen sink, corners, stovetop, and more.

✅ Easily removable & washable

The microfiber scouring pad can be easily detached from its brush head to be washed easily so you can reuse it over and over again


Product Specifications:

  • Material: PP + Scouring Pad
  • Weight: About 35g
  • Color: Beige, Mint Green, Gray