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DishwashHero™ - Magic Silicone Washing Gloves

Mint Green
Marine Blue
Ultra Pink

Made with food-grade pure silicone, these gloves are well equipped to meet the demands of any busy kitchen!

Our convenient silicone dishwashing gloves feature built-in dish scrubbing bristles... right in the palms of your hands.

Scrubbing dirty dishes has never been so easy!



They're great for washing:

  • Dirty dishes and pots
  • Fruit and veggies
  • Kitchen benches
  • Showers & toilets
  • Pets

It's as if you're cleaning with your bare hands!
No other sponges or brushes needed! Enjoy a fully natural cleaning experience.

Soft silicone bristles:
Our dishwasher silicone sponge covered with super soft silicone bristles on both sides is great for scrubbing. It can easily be cleaned either in the dishwasher or in hot water and doesn't take on odours as regular sponges do.

Great for scrubbing pots and pans or other tough jobs; On the other hand, it is also efficient if you're going to be cleaning fragile glasses, fruits or vegetables.

Food grade silicone:
Made of strong, durable, high-quality and environment-friendly silicone; they're highly elastic, resilient and do not tear easily. They grip well, have a comfortable fit - one-size fits all.

Safe and convenient disinfection method: 
As the gloves are heat-resistant up to 160 degrees, they can be disinfected safely with boiling water or in a dishwasher.


Size: 13 x 6.2 inches (One Size Fits All - 98% of hands)

Material: High-quality and environment friendly food-grade silicone