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Premium Glasses Cleaner Cloth (5 Pack)

Keep Your Glasses Crystal Clear, 24/7!

Easily and gently clear off smudges, grease, dirt, dust, fingerprints, and any debris on your readers with our soft and lightweight Glasses Cloth!

Made with specially-treated microfiber material, it cleans and dry any type of lens thoroughly without leaving scratches, and traps oils to avoid smearing. 



✅ Soft And Lint-Free

Made with soft, durable microfiber material that is completely lint-free, safe to use, and has a good ability to absorb and remove dust, grease, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt on your most cherished glasses.

✅ Chemical-Free Cleaning

Ultra-fine microfiber cloth clinically proven to leave your glasses completely free of smudges and marks with just a quick wipe, without using any type of chemical!

✅ Perfect Size

Our Glasses Cloth comes in a size ideal for cleaning any type of glasses and sunglasses and is compact enough to fit easily within the case together with your glasses.

✅ The More The Better!

Our Microfiber cloth comes in a pack of 5, and they're infinitely washable and re-usable so you won't ever run out of Glasses Cloth again!

✅ Multi-Use

Also perfect for cleaning sunglasses, camera lenses, smartphones, laptops, watches, and more.


Product Specifications:

  • Material:Premium-Quality Microfiber
  • Cloth Size:130mm x 130mm
  • Color: Black
  • Comes In A Pack Of 5