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SoakPlus - Ultra Absorbent Cleaning Sponge PVA

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This is the Most Absorbent Sponge You've Ever Seen!

Thanks to the revolutionary absorption technology the SoakPlus sponge absorbs a huge amount of liquid and dirt!

It's the perfect sponge for soft, no-scratch wiping around your home, car, furniture, glass, countertops, bathrooms and much more!

✅ Ultra Absorbent - Soaks up an enormous amount of liquid with little effort. Just press down or glide over the top to suck in moisture like a vacuum.

✅ Extra Tough - Use with a huge range of cleaners - Bleach, ammonia, soap, cleansers... it doesn't matter! Use with confidence knowing it won't be harmed by your favorite cleaners and disinfectants.

✅ Durable & Long Lasting - Way more durable than cellulose or the natural sea variety, this material does not wear out or fall apart like those do. It will hold it's shape and remain intact for much longer in comparison.

✅ Cleaning Power - The unique material will absorb and pick up dirt as you wipe, Surfaces will be clean AND dry when you finish.

✅ Bacteria Resistant -  The material is naturally mildew and bacteria resistant. It also dries rock hard to further prevent growth. As an added layer of protection, it also releases yucky stuff to eliminate hidden grime that would otherwise store for later.

✅ Large Size Makes Cleaning Easy -The super absorbent sponge block is longer and thicker than the average sponge. It's large enough for any job, and the perfect size to dry large areas, or soak up large spills. 

✅ Rinses Clean -  Unlike sponges with holes, this one will completely release everything you wipe up when rinsed. This prevents grime storage and the possibility of old particles causing scratches.


Size: 17 x 7 x 3 cm

Color: Blue