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How To Use:


The Nanoscale cloths can be used for so many things! It works wet or dry, depending on the use. 

Use it dry for the following:

  • Wiping spills and messes
  • Drying dishes
  • Drying glass, windows, mirrors etc.

Use it wet for the following:

Note: The cloths work great with water alone, however you can always try them out with your favourite cleaning products - the choice is yours!

  • Cleaning windows, glasses, windshields, mirrors etc.
  • Wiping down ovens, stainless steel, marble, ceramic,tile, granite, enamel, slate, quartz, tile, wood, plastic (e.g. TV screens) and stone surfaces

Tutorial: How to clean mirrors, glass etc. smear free!



Care Instructions:

How to Handwash (recommended: daily):

  • The Nanoscale cloths are very easy to handwash! Simpl wash with tap water alone or  add your favourite detergent. Then hang dry and reuse as desired. 

How to Machine Wash (recommended: weekly or as often as you like):

  • For heavier use of your Nanoscale cloths you can opt to machine wash. Simply add your favourite detergent to the wash and proceed as normal.
  • We recommend selecting temperature below 40 degrees C (104 F)in order to keep cloths in optimal condition.
  • Wash separately to other clothes and linen to avoid cloths being contaminated with fibres. 
  • Please avoid using the following in your wash:
    • Bleach ❌
    • Fabric softener ❌
    • Dryer sheets ❌
  • Hand dry or tumble dry on low.


Where Can I Use Them?

There are so many uses for these wonderful cloths. Here's a list of our top cleaning ideas:

  • For The Kitchen:
    • Wipe up spills and messes
    • Clean your bin
    • Dry dishes
    • Wipe the oven
    • Clean inside your microwave
    • Clean refrigerator shelves
    • Shine your faucet and basin
    • Clean your range hood
    • Clean the kids chairs
  • For The Bathroom:
    • Clean your mirrors
    • Wipe down shower screen / door
    • Clean sink and tap
    • Clean cabinets 
    • Wipe up water spillages
    • Clean inside the bathtub and shower
    • Wipe down toilet
    • Clean up toilet messes
    • Remove mold from the ceiling
  • Around The House::
    • Clean and dust furniture
    • Wipe down blinds, curtain rods, fans
    • Clean windows
    • Clean doors, walls and baseboards
    • Wipe down doorhandles
    • Remove stains from upholstery
    • Dust photo frames
  • For The Car: 
    • Dust the dashboard, steering wheel etc.
    • Clean cup holders
    • Clean windows and mirrors streak free
    • Clean floor mats
    • Clean wheel covers / hubcaps
  • For Outdoors:
    • Clean porch light fixtures
    • Clean mailbox
    • Clean trash can
    • Clean deck, patio etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can they be machine washed?

Yes, please add detergent and machine wash below 40 degrees C (104  F). Please avoid: fabric softener, bleach, dryer sheets

  • Can I put them in the dryer?

Yes! You can use them in the dryer or hang dry - whichever you prefer.Tumble dry on low. 

  • Do they work on...
Quartz countertops - Yes!
Stainless steel - Yes!
TV screens - Yes!
Car windshields - Yes!
Shower screens / doors - Yes!
  • Can I use water alone without cleaning products?

Yes! We definitely recommend trying these with water only first. You will be amazed at the results. However, depending on the particular use of the cloths, you may need extra help from cleaning products e.g. hard shower water marks, calcium deposits or burnt on dirt in the oven. 



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