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QuickHang™ - Kitchen Cloth Holder

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The Convenient Way To Hang Dry Your Kitchen Cloth!

Looking for an easy way to store your cloths? Try our QuickHang - Kitchen Cloth Holder!This holder grips securely onto cloths and towels with an ingenious design. 

With its self-adhesive backside, QuickHang is incredibly easy to install just where you need it- no drilling required!


*please refer to the photos for an accurate depiction of product appearance. Video is for mechanism demonstration only.

✅ No More Kitchen Cloths On The Floor

Towels or cloths stay securely in place thanks to the innovative design of this holder, which prevents them from slipping off.

✅ Easy To Use Design

QuickHang is designed for ease of use. Simply push in the corner of your cloth or towel and the ingenious mechanism will grip it instantly. Fast and simple!

✅ Small, Discreet, And Stylish

With its contemporary design, this disc will seamlessly blend into any decor, adding a touch of modern flair to your kitchen.

✅ Conveniently Sticks Anywhere

With the 3M Self-adhesive fixing pad on the back, installing this holder is a breeze. It sticks on any smooth surface- no drilling needed.


Product Specifications:

  • Durable PP Material
  • Self- Adhesive